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New - 40g mini cake gradients

The perfect size for making matching gradient socks or mitts. Or for hats, gradient shawls and much, much more!

Can be paired with our new 20g contrast color cakes!

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20g Mini Cakes!

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Project bags

Take your knitting with you or keep the cat out of your project at home, these project bags hold 2-3 of our Mini Cakes or 2 of our full sized cake in 8 farm fresh lining colors.

In the bag

It comes with a stitch marker

A clover stitch marker makes the center pull easy to find. If you'd like to start with the other end that's OK too, just remove the label and you'll see the end tucked in.

Sparkle ...

It comes in non-sparkle classic

Sometimes you feel like sparkles, sometimes you don't! Now offering a classic fingering weight yarn in 3 new colors. Everything else is the same - cake dyed, free stitch marker - it's just 5% more wool blend with no sparkles. More colors to come so be sure to Subscribe to get the latest news.

No sparkle!

It comes in Mini Cakes!

Mini cakes are perfect for a pop of color in a shawl or sweater. Use several different colors for a fade. Use 2 to make a pair of matching socks or mitts.

Each mini cake is hand dyed in cake form using a 2-step system giving this yarn a unique color texture and a slight ombre gradient.

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Why Sparkles?

Everyone likes to sparkle! We went on a quest to find fun, colorful, hand dyed sparkly fine wool yarn and discovered that there isn't much of it out there. We decided to fix that. Our yarn is 70% Fine Superwash Merino wool, 25% nylon and 5% Stellina in fingering weight yarn. The cakes, dyed in small batches using non-toxic dyes, are limited editions. 

Sparkle on!

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